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Deacon Marti on Bishop Morales' Retreat Talks

Claire & Terese Howard 9-17-17.mp3

Worship ~AdultEd~ 9-10-17.mp3

Dn Marti ~AEd~ 9-3-17.mp3

Dn. Marti ~ Adult Ed ~ 8-20-17.mp3

Dn. Marti AEd 7-23-17.mp3

Dean Baldwin, Missionary with SAMS- SS - 2017_07_09.mp3

Dn. Marti AEd Pt.4 7-16-17.mp3

Dean Baldwin - SS - 2017_07_09.mp3

Missionary with SAMS

Dn. Marti Adult Education    Part 2   6-25-17.mp3

Dn. Marti Adult Education  Part1   6-25-17.mp3

Dn. Marti Adult Education 6-18-17.mp3

THE HOLE IN OUR GOSPEL by Richard Stearns
(Available on Amazon & Kindle for $9.99)
Reviewed by Dr. Matt Cotham

Dr. Matt #4 ~6-11-17.mp3

Dr. Matt #3 ~2017_06_04.mp3

Second Session - May 28, 2017

Dr. Matt #2 05_28_17.mp3

Session One - May 21, 2017

Dr. Matt #1.mp3


To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism

ConfClass#1 - 3-5-17.mp3

ConfClass#2 - 3-12-17.mp3

ConfClass#3 - 3-19-17.mp3

ConfClass#4 - 3-26-17.mp3

ConfirmationClass #5 - 4-2-17

ConfClass#6 - 4-9-17.mp3

ConfClass#7 - 4-23-17.mp3

ConfClass#8 - 5-7-17.mp3

New paragraph


From Archbishop Foley Beach


Adult Christian Education is held every Sunday Morning at 9:00 am in the large classroom adjacent to the Church Worship Space. It is taught or led by various members of the clergy and others.


Renee Smith Workshop pt.1

Renee Smith Workshop pt.2

Renee Smith Workshop pt.3

Renee Smith Workshop pt.4
          Adult Sunday School Class - 11/5/14


 Adult Christian Education

Weston & Jessica Martin - Missionaries

Living in the Kingdom - Wes & Jess#3 12-21-2014.mp3

Living in the Kingdom - Wes & Jess#2 12-14-1.mp3
  Due to Battery Failure, this class recording is incomplete. Apologies!

Living in the Kingdom - Wes & Jess#1 12-7-14.mp3



   Claire Howard - Christian Resource Ministries - OuterCircle, San Francisco, CA


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