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Adult Christian Education is held every Sunday Morning at 9:00 am in the large classroom adjacent to the Church Worship Space. It is taught or led by various members of the clergy and others.

Lent2 Adult Ed ~Dcn. Marti Isler~ 3-17-19.mp3

Lent1 Adult Ed ~Dcn. Marti Isler~ 3-10-19.mp3

Epiphany9 Adult Ed ~Fr. Gary Way~ 3-3-19.mp3

Epiphany 8 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti Isler~ 2-24-19.mp3

Epiphany 7 ~Adult Ed~ Dr. Evan Howard 2-17-19.mp3

Epiphany6 Adult Ed ~Dcn. Marti Isler~ 2-10-19.mp3

Epiphany4 Adult Ed ~Fr. Gary Way~ 1-27-19.mp3

Epiphany3 Adult Ed ~Dcn. Marti Isler~ 1-20-19.mp3

Pent27 Adult Ed ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 11-25-18.mp3

Pent26 ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 11-18-18.mp3

Pent25 Adult Ed ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 11-11-18.mp3

Pent24 ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 11-4-18.mp3

Pent23 Adult Ed ~Dcn. Marti Isler~ 10-28-18.mp3

Pent22 Adult Ed ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 10-21-18.mp3

Pent21 Adult Ed ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 10-14-18.mp3

Pent20 Adult Ed ~Dr. Phil Harrold ~ 10-7-18.mp3

Pent19 Adult Ed ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 9-30-18.mp3

Pent18 Adult Ed *JOHN NEWTON* ~Dn Marti Isler~ 9-23-18.mp3

Pent17 Adult Ed *JOHN NEWTON* ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 9-16-18.mp3

Pent15 Adult Ed ~The Harrolds~ 9-2-18.mp3

Pent14 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti~ 8-26-18.mp3

Pent13 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti~ 8-19-18.mp3

Pent12 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti Isler~ 8-12-18.mp3

Pent11 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti Isler~ 8-5-18.mp3

Pent10 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti Isler~ 7-29-18.mp3

Pent8 Adult Ed ~Dean Baldwin -Missionary~ 7-15-18.mp3

Pent6 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti Isler~ 7-1-18.mp3

Spirituality Shoppe Revealed! ~Dr. Evan Howard~ 6-24-18.mp3

Pent4 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti Isler~ 6-17-18.mp3

Pent3 Adult Ed ~Dn. Marti Isler~ 6-10-18.mp3

Pent2 Adult Ed ~ Panel ~ 6-3-18.mp3

Trinity Adult Ed ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 5-27-18.mp3

Pentecost Sunday ~Adult Ed ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 5-20-18.mp3

Collects of Lent (Palm Sunday) ~Dr. Phil Harrold~ 3-25-18.mp3

Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin - Lutheran Approach to Lent

Lenten Disciplines - Lent 3 - Evan & Cheri Howard ~3-4-18.mp3

Collects of Lent 2 ~ 2-25-18 - Deacon Marti Isler.mp3

Collects of Lent1 ~ 2-18-18 ~ Dr. Phil Harrold.mp3

Formation in Epiphany6 - Deacon Marti Isler 2-11-18.mp3

Formation in Epiphany5 - Deacon Marti Isler 2-4-18.mp3

Formation in Epiphany4 - Dn. Marti Isler 1-28-18.mp3

Formation in Epiphany3 ~ Dn. Marti Isler 1-21-18.mp3

Formation in Epiphany2 ~ Dn. Marti Isler.mp3

Formation in Epiphany1 ~ Dn. Marti Isler.mp3

Christian Formation - Dr. Evan Howard ~12-31-17.mp3

The Collects of Advent ~12-24--2017~ Fr. Robert Munday.mp3

The Collects of Advent ~12-17-2017~ Dn. Marti Isler.mp3

The Collects of Advent ~12-10-2017~ Dr. Evan Howard.mp3

Making Disciples the Anglican Way #9 - Phil Harrold 11-19-17.mp3

Making Disciples the Anglican Way #8 - Dr. Phil Harrold 11-12-17.mp3

Making Disciples the Anglican Way #7 - Dr. Phil Harrold 11-5-17.mp3

Making Disciples the Anglican Way #6 - Dr. Phil Harrold 10-29-17.mp3

Making Disciples the Anglican Way #4b - Dr. Phil Harrold 10-15-17.mp3

Making Disciples the Anglican Way #3 - Dr. Phil Harrold - 10-8-17.mp3

Making Disciples the Anglican Way #2 - Dr. Phil Harrold ~ 10-1-17.mp3

Making Disciples the Anglican Way #1 - Dr. Phil Harrold ~ 9-24-17.mp3

To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism

ConfClass#1 - 3-5-17.mp3

ConfClass#2 - 3-12-17.mp3

ConfClass#3 - 3-19-17.mp3

ConfClass#4 - 3-26-17.mp3

ConfirmationClass #5 - 4-2-17

ConfClass#6 - 4-9-17.mp3

ConfClass#7 - 4-23-17.mp3

ConfClass#8 - 5-7-17.mp3


From Archbishop Foley Beach





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