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Sunday Sermons

The Very Rev. Dr. Robert Munday, Rector

Deacon Marti Isler

Fr. Robert's Sermon - Music & Announcements ~Lent 4~ 3-22-2020.mp3

Fr Robert's Sermon ~Lent 3~ 3-15-2020.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~ Lent 2 ~ 3-8-20.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~Lent1 ~ 3-1-2020.mp3

Deacon Marti's Sermon ~ Last Epiph~ 2-23-2020.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~ Pre-Lent2~ 2-16-2020.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~Pre-Lent3~ 2-9-2020.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~ Purification ~ 2-2-2020.mp3

Epiphany2 -~Fr. Robert's Sermon ~ 1-19-2020.mp3

Epiphany1 ~Fr. Robert's Sermon~ 1-12-2020.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~Xmas2~ 1-5-2020.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~Xmas1~ 12-29-19.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~Xmas Eve~ 12-24-19.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon - ~Advent1~ 12-1-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~Xst the King~ 11-24-19 Original.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ 2nd before Advent~ 11-17-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ 3rd before Advent ~ 11-10-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ All Sts. Day ~ 11-3-19.mp3

Dcn Marti's Sermon - Last Trinity - 10-27-19.mp3

Anwen Borgo ~Amazing Grace~ 10-20-19.mp3

Fr. Larry's Sermon/Liturgy Moment ~ Trinity18 ~ 10-20-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 17~10-13-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 15 ~ 9-29-19.mp3

Fr. Gary Way's Sermon ~Trinity 14~ 9-22-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 13 ~ 9-15-19.mp3

Bishop Mark Doe - Myanmar ~ Trinity 11~ 9-8-19.mp3

Coffee Hour Q & A with Bp. Mark & Joanna Doe of Myanmar.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 9~ 8-18-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 8~ 8-11-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 7 ~ 8-4-19.mp3

Fr. Gary's Sermon ~Trinity 6~ 7-28-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 5 ~ 7-21-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 4 ~ 7-14-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 3 ~ 7-7-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Trinity 2 ~ 6-30-19.mp3

180 MinistriesTestamonies ~ Trinity 2 ~ 6-30-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Easter7~ 6-2-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Easter6~ 5-26-19.mp3


Dn. Marti's Sermon ~Easter5~ 5-19-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Easter4~ 5-12-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Easter Vigil ~ 4-20-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Lent2 ~ 3-17-19.mp3

Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin - Lent1 ~ 3-10-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Epiphany9 ~ 3-3-19.mp3

Fr. Gary Way's Sermon ~ Epiphany8~ 2-24-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~Epiphany7~ 2-17-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~Epiphany6~ 2-10-19.mp3

Fr. Gary Way's Sermon ~ Epiphany5~ 2-3-19.mp3

Deacon Marti's Sermon ~Epiphany4~ 1-27-19.mp3

Fr. Munday's Sermon ~ Epiphany3~ 1-20-19.mp3

Fr. Robert's Sermon ~Christmas1~ 12-30-18.mp3

Fr. Gary Way's Sermon ~Pent21~ 10-14-18.mp3

Hicks Family Music & Testimony.mp3

Fr. Jonathan Hicks Sermon ~Pent 16~ 9-9-18.mp3

Fr. Jack Muller's Sermon- Last Sunday at All Saints ~Pent 14~ 8-26-18.mp3